Elton John is a legend. He has lasted longer than Elvis, sold more records than The Rolling Stones and drawn larger crowds than Madonna! I have had the pleasure of seeing this "LEGEND" three times in concert !

In November of '97, I saw him at the home of the Vols. He wore a striking orange suit, the color of the Vols, and stated this is why he had done so!! He kept us posted on the score of the away game. For his encore he played my favorite song "The Bitch is Back".

In October of '98 I saw him at the home of the Tarheels. He wore a pale green jacket studded with rhinestones on the back!! The music was fabulous !!!! He rocked the place in a way that only Elton could do. He performed my favorite song "The Bitch is Back".

In February of '99, I saw him in Roanoke, Va at the Convention Center. The show consisted of him and his piano. He wore a black tux with the lapels and pockets trimmed in rhinestone as well as having a rhinestone design on the back. This was a truly amazing experience for me. He performed most of his well known ballads and stated this is what they sounded like while they were being wrote. He, again, played to the crowd. He said that he was scared to start this tour, not knowing how people would re-act. He performed songs, he said he had not performed in twenty to thirty years. Believe me when I say they have not lost any of the emotion or feeling over the years. He gave a great performance.

He has always bowed to the crowd and thanked them for attending. He has accepted flowers and various gifts with the truest sincerity, taken time to wave and smile to the fans on all sides of the stage and even to sign autographs. This has always amazed me but thrills me that some one with his stardom still takes time for the fans.
Elton is like fine wine......he only gets better with age.



Here is Elton in orange at the home of the Vols !!

Since this is my web site and it contains my memories of Elton, I have decided to add one thought here.

I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of the concerts that I have attended. For the life of me, I can not understand why anyone would purchase tickets to attend a show and just sit there.
Being a true Elton fan, I know all the songs and get into each one. If you don't know the words to atleast three Elton songs and have a favorite one, in my opinion, you are NOT an Elton fan.

Who can forget Elton as he sang at Princess Di's funeral.

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